Christine Miller, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the North Coast - Employer

I found the information provided “Hiring Better, Now!” workshop to be very “user friendly”. The idea of identifying performance objectives of a position to help prioritize the skills of job applicants makes so much sense! Additionally, the guidelines provided for developing pertinent interview questions will ensure that everyone’s time during the interview is used effectively. I plan on keeping my notes and handouts from the workshop close at hand whenever we are hiring a new employee.

Nancy Corral, Humboldt Senior Resource Center - Employer

I attended the Job Market’s “Hiring Better, Now!” workshop on interviewing. I have done a lot of interviewing. This presentation reinforced the importance of good interview practices and introduced some new information that will enhance our current interview process. The instructor is passionate about this topic and wants to assist others in getting the right applicant for the position.

 K Draper - Employer

"The on-the-job training program has been a great service to us and has really allowed us to tap into this special way of hiring."

B Bass - Job Seeker

"I want to start by saying that this is an extremely tough letter for me to write. It's not because I lack reasons to thank you, I could fill pages with that. What's difficult, given the profound affect you all had in my life, is that I'm not fully convinced I'm able to thank you enough.

J Cameron - Job Seeker

"I was devastated when I lost my job...The Job Market and Employment Training programs turned out to be a life saver for me."

T Canderozzi - Job Seeker

"I arrived in Humboldt County in June, homeless and without direction. Now that I am on the tail end of working with The Job Market's youth program, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how much of an overwhelming success that this experience has been for me."

P. Gray-Reneberg - Job Seeker

I thought I was a well-practiced interviewer, and I am; but The Job Market Interview Boot Camp gave me tips, skills and confidence to truly excel, and enjoy interviewing.

J Rudnick - Employer

"I was so very impressed with Cesar! I offered him the Delivery Driver position with my company and he is going to get in touch with you to find out further information about on the job training or schooling."

J Martin - Job Seeker

"When the pulp mill closed I knew walking out the gate what direction I wanted to take in my life. I knew it would be difficult. What I didn't know was how much help I would receive along the way."


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