The Shasta County SMART Workforce Center sits at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, surrounded by vast and beautiful mountain ranges. The area provide a wide array of outdoor activities including two lakes, national parks, and the beautiful Sacramento River.

Serving as our headquarters office, the SMART Workforce Center also serves more than 180,000 county resident. Located at 1201 Placer Street, in downtown Redding, The SMART Workforce Center is a short drive to the famous Sundial Bridge, world-class fishing, and over 200 miles of hiking and biking trails.


Labor Market Information for Shasta County:

Labor Market Information Shasta NoRTEC ImageLabor force statistics include both the employed and the unemployed, excluding only those who have stopped looking for work (discouraged workers) and those who are voluntarily not in the labor force. In December 2018, 73,947 individuals participated in the Shasta County labor force, of these 70,388 were employed, and 3,559 were unemployed. Over the last 20 years, employment in the county was at it's highest in October 2011 and lowest in February 2011. As of December 2018, the unemployment rate for the county was 4.8%, higher than the unemployment rate of California (4.1%) and the United States (3.9%). 

Unemployment Rates Shasta County NoRTEC Image

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