The Siskiyou County SMART Workforce Center is located at 582 Main Street, in Weed, California, in the lower region of the Klamath Mountain Range. The area provides an array of year-round recreational, entertainment, and cultural activities, from camping, snow skiing, and dog sledding in the winter.

Situated just north of Black Butte and Mount Shasta, the SMART Workforce Center serves more than 43,000 county residents in Siskiyou County.

Labor Market Information for Siskiyou County:

Labor Market Information Siskiyou NoRTEC ImageLabor force statistics include both the employed and the unemployed, excluding only those who have stopped looking for work (discouraged workers) and those who are voluntarily not in the labor force. In December 2018, 17,098 individuals participated in the Siskiyou County labor force, of these, 15,889 were employed and 1,209 were unemployed. Over the last 20 years, employment in the county was at its highest in June 2000 and lowest in January 1999. As of December 2018, the unemployment rate for the county was 7.1%, higher than the unemployment rate of California (4.1%) and the United States (3.9%). 

Unemployment Rates (2008-2018) Siskiyou NoRTEC Image

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